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The Uzbekistan Newsline daily digest is a concise executive report in the English and Russian languages, delivered directly to your mail box.

Uzbekistan Newsline prides itself on its high-quality English translation. We offer a very clean report, eliminating superfluous language, so it is a genuine pleasure to read.

The Uzbekistan Newsline daily digest - guaranteed to be 100% more professionally-edited and easier-to-read than any other English language news source you can find on Uzbekistan.

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Article Price per month, €
News Digest in English language only 130
News Digest in Russian language only 55
News Digest in English AND Russian languages 165

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  • 3 months subscription minimum.
  • discounted price for 1 year subscription in English.
  • delivery to 2 email addresses
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1 year subscription for individual 660
6 months subscription for individual 335

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