Dear Valued Members,

After the successful 11-year operation of our Newsline in Kazakhstan, I am delighted to launch its peer Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan editions, covering major business news and corporate events in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Quite frankly and with a hindsight, it is a step we should have considered much earlier, but as an old Chinese proverb says, the right time will come. I believe now is the right time to have Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan in the spotlight. Not coincidentally, this also corresponds with my vision for growth of our Newsline. 

The quality, format and the style of the Kyrgyzstan & Uzbekistan edition mirrors its Kazakhstan news feed: as always, concise and user-friendly presentation, solid English-language editing, covering the most important and hard-hitting stories delivered personally to your inbox. 

We forecast that the interest from the international community to the Central Asia region will accelerate in light of political leadership. As a company, we are keen on translating the new climate into the opportunities for your businesses, should you embark on strategic decision to trade across the region. Hence despite franchising out further to capture strategic insights of Central Asia, we remain true to our core values, aimed at informing key strategic decisions and corporate risk fencing since our 15,000 subscriber base is represented by top decision-makers and senior executives of large multinationals, embassies, trade commissions, advisory houses investment banks with either established market operations or vested strategic interest in the region, as well as government and academia.

To this end, I commit myself to continue delivering you the most valuable commodity I know of, which is information.

With highest regards,

Marc Bassot