Uzbekistan and Malaysia discuss enhanced cooperation in science and technology


The Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Malaysia, Karomiddin Gadoev, met with Chang Lee Kang, Malaysia’s Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation, to discuss strengthening bilateral ties in science and technology.

During the meeting, representatives from Uzbekistan and Malaysia discussed various aspects of scientific and technological cooperation. This included the implementation of modern technological solutions in Uzbekistan’s economy, efforts to stimulate the growth of the digital technology sector, and the benefits and incentives provided to foreign technology companies operating in Uzbekistan. Additionally, they explored the progress in scientific and innovative development within the republic.

Uzbekistan's efforts to become a regional hub for innovation and startups were highlighted. The country has been actively implementing advanced technological solutions across various sectors to boost economic growth and technological development. Measures to stimulate the digital technology sector, such as providing incentives to foreign technology companies, were emphasized.

The meeting concluded with agreements on several joint projects and initiatives. Both parties expressed interest in collaborating on a range of scientific and technological areas, including artificial intelligence, biotechnology, space technology, water-saving technologies, energy efficiency, and cybersecurity. These collaborative projects aim to leverage the technological strengths of both nations.

In addition to specific project agreements, both countries agreed to organize mutual visits to further develop and deepen their cooperation. These visits are expected to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise, fostering a more robust partnership in science and technology.

Reported by Daryo (Uzbekistan).