Uzbek President meets with people in Tashkent suburb


President of Uzbekistan visited the Katta Chilonzor-3 suburb in the city of Tashkent.

In Uzbekistan, all programs in the district are implemented based on the population’s needs. To do this, the “mahalla five” system was introduced, and they were provided with ample opportunities. The concepts of “Safe Community” and “Safe Street” are being implemented. Funds for improvement are sent directly to communities.

The results of this work can be seen in the example of the Katta Chilonzor-3 district. The building of the citizens’ assembly, 52 apartment buildings acquired a modern look. The territory and internal roads are put in order. Playgrounds and an alley are organized.

Trees, basil, and marigolds have been planted in accordance with the national project “Yashil Makon” (Green Space), and lawns have been laid. Walking and cycling paths appeared on the embankment of the Ankhor Canal, passing through the district. In addition, the electrical substation, transformer, and low-voltage cables were upgraded.

The President examined the work in the mahalla and talked with workers of the citizens’ assembly and representatives of the older generation.

“As you know, we are carrying out all our undertakings directly in the area. If the settlement is well-maintained, if families live peacefully and prosperously, there will be both growth and development. That is why we give this institution additional powers. Today, the settlement is becoming a real force in reducing poverty, solving employment problems, youth and women issues, and most importantly, maintaining peace in the community”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

Residents noted that they feel the transformations taking place in life, and they pay special attention to the education and employment of young people. It was emphasized that 115 billion UZS were allocated to improve and solve social issues in 55 mahallas of Chilanzar.

The President touched upon the employment issue.

“You know, we started working on a new poverty reduction and employment system. In this process, advanced entrepreneurs will take patronage over the unemployed in mahallas. In the Chilanzar district, we have to employ 10,000 unemployed citizens. I hope that entrepreneurs will take a responsible approach to this issue, and representatives of the older generation will help with the advice”, the Head of State said.

Reported by the Uzbekistan Daily.