Uzbekistan, China engage in mutually beneficial cooperation


A working meeting was held between representatives of the Committee for the Development of Veterinary Medicine and Livestock under the Ministry of Agriculture and employees of the Embassy of Uzbekistan in China with the leadership of the food safety, veterinary and quarantine departments of the Main Customs Administration of the People's Republic of China.

During the talks, issues of accelerating the provision of permits for the export of grapes, dried jida and chicken feet from Uzbekistan to China, as well as other issues related to the field of veterinary medicine and plant quarantine were discussed.

The parties managed to agree on further actions and come to a common opinion on the importance of direct contacts for the prompt exchange of information. An agreement was also reached on the organisation of advanced training courses in the C5+1 format.

This is the first face-to-face meeting of the official delegation from Uzbekistan with representatives of the PRC GTU since 2019 due to quarantine restrictions in China.

For reference: The total range of products allowed for import into China includes 19 types. Among them: mung bean, cherry, melon, fresh and dried hot peppers, peanuts, pomegranate, bitter apricot pit, walnut without shell, sesame, grape seed, sweet apricot pit, dried apricot (dried apricots), raisins, honey, dried prunes, lemon, beans and dried melon.

Reported by Uzbekistan Daily.