Uzbek head of state stresses need for craft skills among young generation


In his Address to the people, the Head of state noted the need for teaching schoolchildren foreign languages and professions. On 20 January, a meeting was held at which tasks in this direction were determined. It was decided that, based on the characteristics of districts and mahallas, schools will provide training for 64 types of working professions.

This model began to be implemented in places. In particular, after the repair, the appropriate conditions were created in secondary school No. 55 of Andijan district. The empty basements of the school were allocated to entrepreneurs who organized training workshops there and began to train young people in professions.

The President visited these workshops.

Here, high school students learn sewing, furniture, confectionery, shoe making, weaving baskets, sewing bedding. There is an auto repair shop, a welding shop, a printing house, computer services and hairdressing salons on the territory of the school.

The Head of state talked with young people acquiring a profession.

“If you pay attention to those who finish school without craft, the harder it is to improve their lives, to find a job. All roads are open to those who know both the craft and a foreign language. You have such an opportunity. Work hard, study hard, and learn the profession. When do decisions and efforts pay off? When there are excellent specialists. Investors are also guided by the knowledge and skills of personnel. Youth is the most important wealth of our country”, Shavkat Mirziyoyev said.

Reported by the Uzbekistan Daily.